Jan 12 2011

More than just cows, sweaters and Bergerac

Jersey Channel Islands Half Marathon

A modest cohort of Barnes Runners flew to Jersey last year to compete in this event. All those who took part agree that it confounded expectations. Far from being the topologically platitudinous rock that some believe it to be, the island of Jersey is – in places – disquietingly beautiful and the people who inhabit it are honest, decent God-fearing folk who extend a warm welcome to all people from the mainland, runners and non-runners alike.

The event itself takes runners across the north-western section of the island, ending with a spectacular 3 km descent to the beach.

Dijkstra, Ord-Hume, Johansson & Brimacombe

Kathelijne Dijkstra, Josh Ord-Hume, Fredrik Johansson and Ruth Brimacombe respresented the club last year and would like to encourage others to take part this year. Further details are available here. The link to the Runnersworld on-line entry form is currently not working, but I am told it should be operational by next week.

Brimacombe crossing the line at the finish

Ruth Brimacombe is actually a native of the island (the BBC filmed Bergerac in her parents’ back garden), and will be available to offer useful advice about accommodation, transport, restaurants and zoos.

If you think that you might like to be part of a Barnes Runners delegation, make your interest known via the comments box below.

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