Feb 08 2011

Getting to Wokingham

The Wokingham half marathon is to be held on 13 February.

In view of Wokingham being somewhat inconveniently located in Berkshire and the event being held on Sunday (the day of the week when railway franchises traditionally celebrate the utter loveliness of life by carrying out engineering works), we need to pool our resources and share motorcars.

I wonder, then, if I could possibly ask you to e-mail me if:

  • You have entered the race
  • You require transport
  • You are in a position to offer transport to other members of the club

The word on the ever-verbose cyber grapevine is that more people fall into the second category than into the third.  If you are able to do so, please consider doing your bit for the environment (damaging it, that is) and offering others a lift.

Josh Ord-Hume

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