Mar 22 2011

Handicap race, 26 March

The third Handicap Race of the year with be run on Saturday 26 March.

The course is 7.2 K (4.5miles) and consists of two laps, with the start and finish at the Barn Elms running track.

Click here to view the course.

If, thus far, you have resisted the temptation to compete in this event, have only done so once in your lifetime, or if a period of more than twelve months has elapsed since your last attempt, you will be deemed a “scratch” runner on Saturday. This means that the main objective of your run this Saturday (apart from the utter pleasure of the undertaking) shall be to establish a legitimate start time on the basis of an estimate of your handicap. This estimate – inevitably somewhat speculative in nature – shall take into account any recent performances and your perceived ability. “Scratch” runners run the same course and are in the same race, but are excluded from winning prizes (there are none to be won) or scoring points.

You need to complete two scratch runs before we can determine your start time, after which you will be competing on the same level as other runners.

  • Please arrive no later than 08h30 to facilitate the registration process.
  • Remember to wear your club shirt. Failure to do so will result in your run not counting. You may be asked to leave the borough.

At the end of the year, a complex and inscrutable algorithm (developed by Sam Allpass) will be used to determine which member of the club is to be awarded a trophy in recognition of their performance, prowess, tenacity and showmanship.

Runners from Fulham RC, West 4 Harriers and Sheen Shufflers are welcome to compete.

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