Mar 27 2011

Please be kind

The last “long” run for this year’s marathon entrants was the 36 kilometres that separate Chertsey from Barnes.

Simon Itkin, Ruth Brimacombe, Alice Macdonald, Josh Ord-Hume. Pete Woodroffe, Celeste Biever and Andrew Fickling completed the endeavour on March 20, with support from Rob Katschmaryk (headmaster 2010-2011) on his pedal cycle.

Although no members of the club were able to complete the distance faster than the Network South-east railway service (49 min), no-one disgraced themselves overly conspicuously, and all made it back to Barnes in good time with panache and style. Woodroffe’s hair looked better after the run than before it.

With the time to go before the two marathons now being measured in mere weeks rather than months, readers may be interested to learn that some members of the club are competing in the events for more than just the giddy thrill of surpassing themselves.

Those people would – I am certain – appreciate any demonstrations of magnanimity or generosity from other club members.

Alice Macdonald is raising money for the British Heart Foundation. You may sponsor her by clicking here.

Ruth Brimacombe is running on behalf of RETHINK, a mental health charity which seeks to better the quality of life of everyone affected by severe mental illness. You may sponsor her by clicking here.

Pete Woodroffe is running to support the PRS for the Music Members’ Benevolent Fund, which provides financial assistance to members and former members of the Performing Rights Society when they have financial problems. You may sponsor him by clicking here.

And all three of them would, of course, be very grateful for your moral support on the day iteslf (April 10 in Brighton for Pete and Ruth, April 17 in London for Alice).

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