May 17 2011

Thames Hare and Hound 3-mile relay

The Thames Hare and Hound 3-mile relay races will be held in Richmond Park at 19h on Wednesday, June 1st – two weeks from now.

There will be 4 laps (i.e 1 lap per person) of 3 miles for men; and 3 laps of 3 for women.

If anyone would like to race and can definitely commit to running within a relay team on the night, please contact me (Paul Persad) before the end of this week or see me tonight or at Thursday’s track session. Alternatively, please indicate your availability / wish to compete via the “comments” box below.

This is a perfect chance for kick starting the post marathon run series. So please sign up if you’re keen!


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  1. Sam Allpass

    Paul – count me in please, subject to babysitting.

  2. Ord-Hume

    If you and Ella make sure you do not go head-to-head… you could both enter and bring Nel along…

  3. David Allen

    Hi Paul,

    I can make it.


  4. Suzanne Gill

    It’s a great race – I’m on half term holiday that week with the children, otherwise I’d love to do it! Thoroughly recommend the race if you haven’t done it before.

  5. Kathelijne

    I’m going to be hung-over so best not to annoy potential fellow team mates!

  6. Sue Kumleben

    I wish I could as I’ve started running again…but I’m working that night. Still, perhaps that gives us the chance to try di-morphism? Bet we’d make the papers (at least the scientific ones)

  7. Jo Patience

    I’m free to run if you are still short of women? I’ve only recently started running again, so I won’t be very fast.

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