Nov 16 2011

Jim Perrie

This was taken with a Nikon F4 at 5.6, with an exposure of 1/500. A diffusion filter was used and the subject's nipples lightly brushed with baby oil. Note the matted dried-on effect..One of Barnes Runners’ more prominent dignitaries – Jim Perrie – celebrates yet another of his birthdays on Thursday 17 November. Lest the event pass unnoticed, he should like to invite as many members of the club as are available to join him for a glass of milk and a biscuit in the pub after the run.

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  1. Bertie Wiggins

    Can I request that the milk is warmed a little, as the cold nights are drawing in?
    At the risk of being demanding – will they be Jaffa cakes or Rich Tea?
    Love to Big Jim, as always,

  2. Jenni

    Have a good eve!
    I can’t make it unfortunately bridesmaid duties up north are calling!

    See you next week!


    Jen x

  3. Pete Woodroffe
    Pete Woodroffe

    Happy birthday Jim!

    Sadly I have to miss the drinks – but I’ll buy you a pint next time!


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