Dec 08 2011

Annual General Meeting

The Barnes Runners Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 9 January 2012 at 19h30. The meeting will see the election of a new committee for 2012.

The club requires a minimum of three officers: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, the committee may elect a further 10 members.

The committee is currently made up of the following posts:

The Chairman is the public face of the club. They are responsible for overseeing, coordinating and ensuring the smooth running of the various activities, races and events that take place under its auspices. This includes – but is not limited to – ensuring that club weekday and weekend runs are appropriately managed, coordinating management of the club’s monthly handicap race and collating/processing results accordingly, assuming responsibility for the Club Championship once it is properly launched and liaising with the Barnes Community Association as and when necessary. The Chairman communicates with club members and ensures that they are kept up-to-date in relation to events, runs and other fixtures.

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the club’s income and spending. It is their responsibility to ensure that the club has enough money to carry out its stated aims and objectives, and that it does not overspend or underspend. They also report the financial status of the club to committee meetings to ensure checks and balances. Accurate records and supporting documentation must be kept to a reasonable level of detail such that a clear audit trail of all transactions is provided. The Treasurer oversees membership and subscription.

Entertainment Secretary
The Entertainment Secretary is responsible for organising and delivering para-running events. These may include – but are not limited to – quizzes, barbecues and end-of-year celebratory events.

Animal Wrangler
The Animal Wrangler has responsibility for handling animals (especially horses). They may use assorted forms of reinforcement or encouragement to condition an animal’s responses.
Ideally, they should have knowledge of the principles of behaviour analysis and operant conditioning. Some knowledge of PHP and CSS is required.

Club Secretary
The Club Secretary is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of committee meetings and verifying that whatever action is decided during the course of these meetings is taken. They are responsible for ensuring that Barnes Runners continues to enjoy a good relationship with the Barnes Community Association.

Paul Persad, Sally Waite and Fredrik Johansson have decided to stand down from their positions of Chairman, Entertainment Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Josh Ord-Hume has agreed to stand for the position of Animal Wrangler for a third year. Pete Woodroffe is also standing a second time for the position of Club Secretary.

The club welcomes your presence at the AGM and hopes you will support all nominees for newly-vacant committee posts. Should you wish to stand for a position on the committee, please e-mail the current AW, Josh Ord-Hume. Please include the names of two club members to nominate and second you.

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