Feb 10 2012

Bryony Britten

Sunday 12 February – Hampton Court

Marathon Plan

In the absence of Josh I will be your ‘long run’ leader on Sunday. This run will be in the region of 20miles and take in Hampton Court Palace.

The route will take us from Rose House into Richmond Park through Roehampton Gate where we will head left (anti-clockwise) towards Kingston. We will exit the park at the Kingston Hospital Gate. We will head over Kingston Bridge (via King’s Road) and along Hampton Court Road. We will drop down to the river to admire Hampton Court and return to Rose House along the banks of the Thames.

Details of the route can be found here http://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_1763428.html. Please note we will do the Richmond Park stretch first. The pace will be in the region of 8min 15 sec per mile. Having hit the wall last week I can recommend brining adequate gels, water, bananas etc. An oyster card/cash may also be useful in case of emergency. We will leave at 8.59am.


Dan Martin has volunteered to run this. Meet at Rose House at 9.55am for a 10am departure.



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Bryony Britten

Bryony Britten

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  1. Ord-Hume

    Looks like a lot of fun – I am very jealous! It is worth pointing out to people that, designed by Edward Lapidge, Kingston Bridge was the only crossing over the river between London Bridge and Staines Bridge until Putney Bridge was opened in 1729.

  2. Dan Martin

    Happy to lead a non Marathon runners group if anyon is up for it.

    1. Bryony Britten
      Bryony Britten

      Dan – that would be superb. If you could lead a 10k from Rose House at 10am – I would be very grateful!


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