Feb 03 2012

Sunday 5 February 2011

Barnes Runners will once again be offering two runs this Sunday:
Programme Alpha:

This run will depart from Rose House at 08h59 and is approximately 31km long. In view of the length of the endeavour and the meteorological predictions for the day, runners may like to consider bringing energy gels, hydration and appropriate clothing. Click here for a map of the route we will be taking. Any cyclists intending to accompany us (or bring supplies) should note that we will be tackling Richmond Park first, returning to Rose House along the river.

Programme Beta:

Runners wishing to participate in this run should be at Roehampton Gate (inside Richmond Park) at 09h45 for a 10h00 departure. Please note that this is an “unmanaged” run. It will be up to you to “wrangle” yourselves at the appropriate time. The run will be an 11.67 km circumnavigation of the Park. Consider bringing a hat.



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