Mar 28 2012

Bryony Britten

Saturday 31st March Handicap

On Saturday 31 March the third handicap of the year will run. Please meet no later than 8.45am for a 9am start. The Wikipedia entry on Handicap races suggests that “A handicap race … is a race in which horses carry different weights, allocated by the handicapper. A better horse will carry a heavier weight, to give him or her a disadvantage when racing against slower horses. The handicapper’s goal in assigning handicap weights is to enable all the horses to finish together (in a dead heat).” Unfortunately we are prevented by ‘Article Three’ of the provisions of the Human Rights Act from subjecting ‘anyone to inhuman or degrading treatment’ – so no extra weights. We organise our handicap so that everyone starts in order of speed with the fastest going last. However, our aim remains the same – we hope that all runners end up on the track at the same time fighting it out for glory over the final 400m.

Remember that there is all to play for as the best seven performances from ten possible races count towards the end of year trophy. If you need more information about the handicap please see the ‘Bluffer’s Guide’.

The points totals are as follows:

Name January February Total
Paul Cheetham 23 23 46
Josh Ord-Hume 22 20 42
Dave Miller 18 24 42
Simon Itkin 20 21 41
Sam Allpass 16 22 38
Annabel Hagon 25 0 25
David Cornock 0 25 25
Dan Martin 24 0 24
John Stanford 21 0 21
Abbas Salem 0 20 20
Clive Tulloh 19 0 19
Dylan Grimes 17 0 17
Dave Kelly 15 0 15

I have also been asked to publish the list of current PBs and handicaps – so here we go:


Name PB Time Handicap
Paul Cheetham 0:25:36 0:34:24
David Allen 0:26:47 0:33:13
John Stanford 0:27:17 0:32:43
Seb Parris 0:27:40 0:32:20
Dylan Grimes 0:27:46 0:32:14
Clive Tulloch 0:27:48 0:32:12
David Cornock 0:28:34 0:31:26
David Lovell 0:28:43 0:31:17
Abbas Salem 0:29:11 0:30:49
Josh Ord Hume 0:29:27 0:30:33
Sam Allpass 0:29:34 0:30:26
Celeste Biever 0:30:02 0:29:58
Bryony Britten 0:30:08 0:29:52
Jim Perrie 0:30:55 0:29:05
David Kelly 0:31:38 0:28:22
Andrew Fickling 0:32:15 0:27:45
Dan Martin 0:32:25 0:27:35
Rob Katschmaryk 0:33:19 0:26:41
Simon Itkin 0:34:26 0:25:34
Pete Woodruffe 0:34:51 0:25:09
Annabel Hagon 0:37:05 0:22:55

If you are new to Barnes Runners, have never completed the handicap or have not done the handicap for a long time then you can join us. Just submit a verifiable race time and we will work out a handicap for your first race. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Barn Elms Track no later that 8.45am.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.


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Bryony Britten

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  1. Paul Cheetham

    I probably won’t run this months handicap as I’m doing Reading on Sunday. I’m happy to help with timing if you’re desperate.

    There is a good advert for Barns Runners in this month’s Runners World if you look carefully.


  2. David Cornock

    I think I’ve spotted the advert, Paul – page 120?

  3. Paul Cheetham

    That’s the one David.. Hope your final 22 miles went well. Also hope the club run went well in very sunny conditions. I got quite a few inquisitive looks running through Barnes with a bottle of Moet yesterday on the way back from the handicap!

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