May 05 2012

Parkland Relay race, Wednesday May 30

In recent years, Barnes Runners has been moderately well-represented at the Parkland Relay race.
The event traces a 3 mile off-road route through a central section of Richmond Park, and provides plenty of evidence in support of the claim that the area is “gently undulating”.
This year’s Parkland Relay race will be held on Wednesday, 30 May and is being organised – as in previous years – by Thames Hare and Hounds, the oldest running club in south-west London.
In a bid to emphasise and perpetuate the gender divide, men and women will be competing in separate teams of four and three runners, respectively.
If you are available, willing and can commit to being on the southern side of Spankers Hill Wood on the evening in question (details of the exact time will follow, but the first leg will commence at 19h), then I should be grateful if you could complete the form below.

The Thames Hare and Hounds committee describe the Parkland Relay as “a low key friendly event” (sic). As such, we are keen to highlight the scope and opportunity for enjoyment and estival insouciance that the race provides and would like to encourage as strong a turnout as possible (this week’s local elections saw a turnout of 32% – the lowest since the local elections of 2000: we are keen to put paid to this rampant apathy in matters politics and amateur athletics and would be happy with a turnout of 33%). One’s ability to run fast is not important for this endeavour. Espousing a cause and promoting a sense of Barnes Runners esprit de corps is important.

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