May 14 2012

The Wedding Day 7K – Friday 29 June

A good many fixtures in the international running calendar are referred to as “iconic” – because of the status they have acquired in popular culture, because they have become established as mainstays in the cutthroat world of long-distance running… or quite simply because the world would be a poorer place without them.

Le marathon des sables tests runners on their ability to run over a long period of time in inhospitable climates. It also tests their wallets – the registration fee is around €2550 before taxes. The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon covers 80 km of single track trail and dirt road through the southernmost part of Mexico and is considered one of the toughest foot races in the world. Canada’s Haney Harrison Ultra is reputedly 100 km of punishment…

The list of events that test athletes’ mettle, tenacity, drive and endurance is long. But the list of events that test their ability to dress up as a member of the clergy and run 7 km before tucking into barbecued beef burgers and beer in plastic cups… is somewhat shorter.

The Wedding Day 7K was first run some 30 years ago to commemorate the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady – as she was then – Diana Spencer. Since then, it has steadily grown into the flagship event for a number of running clubs up and down the country.

Over the last 10 months or so, members of Barnes Runners have been following an extensive and exhaustive training programme in preparation for the race. The list of build-up events in which they have competed includes the London, Amsterdam and Brighton Marathons, a profusion of half-marathons and a cornucopia of 10k meets. Indeed, the author of this posting is even travelling to Sierra Leone in a couple of weeks to execute a carefully tailored pre-WD7 training programme.

Word comes from my opposite number at the Stragglers that entries are now open for the 2012 holding of the event, to be held on Friday 29 June 2012. Please consider treating yourself to a summer evening in Bushy Park. For decades now, social commentators have been bemoaning the lack of interplay between the world of middle-distance athletics… and the Anglican Church. In the Wedding Day 7K, we have an event that dextrously straddles that chasm – with panache and beef-burgers.

Click here to enter.

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  1. james woodroffe

    hey i hope i can come hopefully i will be able to dress up as a vicar hi dad josh + every1 else

  2. Ord-Hume

    We hope you can make it too, James. Time to start putting gentle pressure on mum and dad…

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