May 02 2012

Thursday May 10 – Interval Training

Many members of the club have understandably been e-mailing committee members over the last couple of days requesting a copy of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s report on News International and Phone-hacking. Here, therefore, is a copy of it (in PDF format).

You are responsible for ensuring that your own hydration requirements are met when carrying out strenuous exercise.
As the drought really starts to take hold, Thursday evening’s interval session is the torturous and highly unpopular 3×2 mile ordeal. Requiring endurance, tenacity and unswerving commitment to the task, there is nothing even vaguely pleasant about it.

Here, then, is what lies ahead:

  1. 3 laps warm-up
  2. 1 lap (400 m) of dynamic stretching and bottom-kicking
  3. 3.2 km (8 laps) just above your 10K pace
  4. 400 m (1 lap) recovery run
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 two times (making a total of three reps)
  6. 4 laps recovery run

The session will conclude with a series of stretches led by an L2 SG.

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  1. Bertie Wiggins

    Does one have to be a member of M16 to carry out the aforementioned stretching? And will I be allowed out afterwards?

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