Jun 25 2012

Barnes Runners’ Barbecue – Sunday July 8

One of the drawbacks of having the word “runners” make up a good fifty percent of our club’s name is that it is somewhat restrictive.

Regular attendees will have no need of a high-fibre diet and will know that Barnes Runners aspires to being considerably more than just a running club. If the club were a radio broadcast, it would provide the serious and often confrontational political interviews of the Today Programme, the rigorous and original investigation of the World at One, the stereotypical comic yokels of the Archers, the inane quirkiness of “I’m sorry I Haven’t a Clue” and the comforting dependability of the Shipping Forecast. Barnes Runners is an intersection of interests at which fiscal studies meets horticulture, song-writing rubs shoulders with geology, accountancy flirts with gastroenterology and dog-walking gives journalism a back rub. The club’s almost unbroken record of failing to distinguish itself in any league table or ranking chart is evidence of its all-encompassing, broad-based focus on the world around us and is something of which we may allow ourselves to feel proud.
One of the many para-running fixtures in the Barnes Runners’s calendar is the annual “summer” barbecue. And following the moderate success of last year’s event, the committee has decided to hold another one this year. Featuring potato salad, cage-fighting, volley-ball and poetry discussion groups, the BRB is an informal occasion at which members can prise themselves out of their spandex and put the ailing world to rights over a burger and a Sprite.

Sunday 15 July is, of course, the day Ken Kercheval – best known for his role as Cliff Barnes on the television series Dallas – celebrates his 77th birthday, and so members of the club will be attending events up and down the country to mark the occasion. The Barnes Runners barbecue will therefore be held the previous Sunday (8th) from 13h.

As has been the case in previous years, spouses, progeny, associates and special friends are also welcome to attend. There will be a charge of GBP10 for every paid-up club member and every paid-up club member’s “plus one”. Non-paid-up club members will be required to pay GBP35 (but will be entitled to run with the club for free thereafter for a period of 12 months). There will be no charge for standard children under the age of 10.  Note: the entry-price for last year’s barbecue was also GBP10. At today’s prices (adjusted for inflation), this would equate to around GBP10.14. Barnes Runners is happy to absorb these additional costs for the delight of its members.

I shall be prepping Fortnum’s and commencing catering arrangements this week. For me to be able to do this properly, I would be grateful if members interested in attending could complete the form below. I also require you to electronically transfer suitable funds into the club’s Jersey-based bank account as soon as possible.

Lastly, most importantly, would you please complete the form below.


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