Jun 20 2012

Interval Training – Thursday June 21, 2012

As the Leveson enquiry takes a break, the nights start to draw in again and the country braces itself for a return to more wintry temperatures, runners across the country are now starting to turn their attention to the methods that they have at their disposal for raising their Lactate Inflection Point (or their “LIP”, as it is popularly known in wine-bars and discotheques up and down the land).
One particular way (favoured by athletes of all persuasions) is to temporarily exceed the lactate threshold and then ‘recover’ while operating just below the threshold and while still doing physical activity.

I should like, therefore, to propose the following programme:

  1. 3 laps warm up
  2. 1 lap dynamic stretching
  3. 4 laps at your 10k pace
  4. 200 m recovery run
  5. Repeat steps c and d until you have carried them out a total of 6 (six) times
  6. 4 laps warm down
  7. Stretching under the auspices of an L2 SG


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