Aug 29 2012

Bryony Britten

Handicap Results so far…

Perhaps Josh’s decision to super-glue the handicap trophy to his mantle piece was not foolish, he is leading the handicap by 24 points. However the race for the minor places is not over. Josh’s nearest rival is Paul Cheetham and further 3 points behind are Sam Allpass and David Cornock. The next handicap race is on Saturday 29 September.

Name Total
Josh Ord-Hume 135
Paul Cheetham 111
Sam Allpass 108
David Cornock 108
Simon Itkin 85
Dave Kelly 72
Celeste Biever 63
Dan Martin 49
David Lovell 45
Dave Miller 42
Clive Tulloh 41
Bryony Britten 40
Dylan Grimes 37
Annabel Hagon 25
Nick Spindler 24
Erwin Campbell 22
John Stanford 21
Andrew Fickling 21
Abbas Salem 20

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Bryony Britten

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