Oct 03 2013

Interval Training – Thursday 3 October 2013

2mm bandTonight sees the season’s last interval training session before the club resumes its Thursday evening winter road running programme.

This evening’s session will once again be an  unwrangled short high-intensity of their.

Developed in the late 1930s in the refractory of Acton Technical College (now Brunel University) with contributions from the League of Nations Commission for Refugees, it is designed to maximise cardiovascular capacity and condition, improve glucose metabolism and enhance the body’s fat burning ability. As ever, the watchwords for the endeavour are tenacity, serenity and consistency.
Enjoy it.

Programme Hashomer Hatzair

  1. 1.6 km (4 laps) warm-up, integrating Harman lunges, Allpasian bottom-kicking, etc.
  2. 400 m (1 lap) at your 5K pace
  3. 200 m (0.5 lap) recovery
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have completed a total of 10 (ten) repetitions
  5. 1.6 km (four laps) warm-down

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