Oct 02 2013

Sarah Lewis

Wanted: MAXIMUM RABBLE for West London MobSmack III

Count Geoffrey Wladislas Vaile Potocki de Montalk

Remember that big shiny trophy we won from Ealing Eagles in January and lost to West 4 Harriers in June? Now is our chance to reclaim it.

On Saturday November 2, at Wormwood Scrubs parkrun, West 4 will meet challenging mobs from Ealing, Barnes, and perhaps also Queens Park Harriers.  Featuring a confusing mix of friendly inclusivity, tribal hostility, and exuberant mobility, this event must be attended by any person of curiosity or verve.

The scoring system is unclear, but one thing is for sure: the bigger the mob, the better.  Everyone is encouraged to come and run 5K, no matter how slowly or reluctantly.  Friends, sproglets etc. are welcome to join the Barnes mob for the day. We will visit a nearby cafe after the race.  Bring your new babies for show-and-tell, else the October marathoners will never shut up.

Wormwood Scrubs Park is 4 miles from Rose House.  You can get there by catching bus number 72 from Castelnau, or you can meet me at Rose House at 8am and cycle there.  The race starts at 9am.

Participation is free but please register for parkrun and bring your barcode.

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