Feb 26 2014

Interval training – Thursday, 26 February 2014

NCCLAs another in a series of – as yet – unbroken weeks draws to a less-than-triumphant close… a week that has seen Tesco’s shares fall by more than 4%, Samsung launch yet another unfeasibly large telephone and the Daily Mail set its sights on the Member of Parliament for Camberwell and Peckham (dead Marxists constituting unfair game)…. it is once again time for both spring marathon contenders and “good time” runners to undertake everybody’s least favourite interval training endeavour: the much-maligned, deeply unpopular, uncontroversially divisive and profoundly horrible “3×2 miles” (the second such session this season). As ever, watchwords for this initiative include (but are not limited to) “levity”, “tenacity”, “insouciance” and most importantly, “consistency”. Additional watchwords include “bugger” and “hell’s bells”.

Follow the simple steps below to ensure success:

Programme NCCL:

  1. 4 laps of the track including 1 lap of dynamic stretching, allpassian bottom-kicking, Harman lunges, etc.
  2. 8 laps (3.2 km) at a whisker below your 5% pace
  3. 1 lap (400 m) recovery run (it is of paramount importance that you do not walk. I’ll know if you do)
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have completed a total of 3 (three) repetitions
  5. 4 laps (1.6 km) warm down/jog back to Rose House

[important]Important addendum:
Meteorological winter ends on Friday (the same day as our Light-Hearted Knowledge Assessment exercise). The approaches to the track are now lit and have been made safe by the Barn Elms Sports Trust. In order to save time, henceforth we shall meet directly at the track. Please be there by around 19:00 hours for some ad hoc yoga and pre-run cocktails. The session will start at 19:15 hours.[/important]



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