Oct 03 2014


IMG_1302-0.JPGIn these times of disquiet, unrest and swinging cuts to spending on public services, one has to guard against hyperbole… or indeed the use of any language which could be described as exaggerated or imprecise.
That said…
The club desperately, desperately, desperately needs women. They are needed now more than ever before.
The women of Barnes Runners have enjoyed not inconsiderable success at events up and down this – and other – countries in recent weeks. In view of these oestrogen-infused triumphs, many have communicated their sadness at our continuing to deprive the South East Cross Country scene of our talents.
You will doubtless know that Jenni Cunniffe (a woman herself) has recently taken it upon herself to spearhead an initiative to get Barnes Runners off the tarmac and into the mud. You will know also that we have negotiated our way through the initial administrative complexities and have satisfied the Byzantine requirements of the South East England Confederation of Running Clubs Interested in Running Short Distances on Uneven Terrain. We now even have a series of fixtures in which to compete.
The fly in the ointment, the rat in the cornflakes, the Griffin at the Buddhist retreat…. is that we are conspicuously short of women for the first of this season’s races next Saturday (11 October).
Could I therefore – if you have the right chromosomes – implore you to step up to the oft-referenced and seldom-understood plate and be part of a team?
Competitors need – of course – to be affiliated to England Athletics.
Affiliation is a painless procedure that requires the implanting of a sub-dermal transponder just beneath the armpit, a tattoo and the transfer into our bank account of ten of your pounds. But once this is done, you’re free to run through as much mud as you like on the club’s behalf for a twelve-month period.

What do the women of Barnes say?

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