Nov 17 2014

Tentative steps in Pilates

Barnes Runner squatsJulia May is an accomplished duathlete, dog runner, rock climber and revered local Stott Pilates practitioner. She can also put a marathon to bed in under 3 1/2 hours. Having recently joined Barnes Runners, she is willing to make herself available for half an hour or so after this Tuesday evening’s run (18 November) in order to discuss her mat work-based classes and experience as a senior physiotherapist … and the ways in which club members (and their running) may benefit from her expertise.

This week’s “taster” is very much intended as a trial and an opportunity to discuss how members’ Pilates requirements might be met in the future. Julia is also available to provide one-to-one sessions, and offers teaching through Up and Running in Sheen.

Members interested in attending should bring a measure of mental (and physiological) flexibility, a modicum of open-mindedness and – if at all possible – a mat.

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