Jan 31 2015

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ballsFor many middle-distance athletes, the days between prorogation – or the formal end of the parliamentary session – and the May 7th general election stretch out towards the horizon in an uninterrupted line of tedium. There will of course be another thrilling reading (the third, if memory serves) of the Pension Schemes Bill next Thursday in the House of Lords by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth… and Select Committees will continue to meet and debate on delightful issues such as Public Sector Efficiency, Scottish representation in the Union and Beer Duty… but really, for all intents and purposes, the Fixed-term Parliaments Act of 2011 has (to the chagrin of former Commons speaker Betty Boothroyd) created a “Zombie Parliament”.

Fortunately, the first few months of this year bring with them (as they invariably do), the usual array of pleasing middle-distance events in which Barnes Runners club members like to compete to distract them from NHS waiting times, rampant deflation in the euro zone and – of course the expansion and inevitable breaking-apart of the universe. Some of these are billed as “VLM build-up events”… others are simply races in their own right that are there to be enjoyed by all and – to a lesser extend – sundry.

The most iconic of this assortment is, of course, the Wokingham half marathon on February 8 – a race so enchanting that entries sold out over a year ago (in truth, last year’s edition was cancelled owing to inclement weather, so entries have simply been carried over to this year).

A week later on February 15, club members can enjoy either a 10 or 20 mile run around Bramley (Berkshire), courtesy of the Reading Road runners. Click here for details.

The Clapham Chasers are once again staging their Thames Riverside 20 race on March 8 – an “out and back” race divided into pace groups that starts in Bishop’s Park and takes runners out along very familiar territory towards Richmond, providing them with water and jelly babies along the way, and then completely free cake on their return. Click here for details.

The spring edition of the Kingston Breakfast Run is on March 15 this year. Once again, competitors can choose between 8.2 miles, 16.2 miles and 20 miles. Rather thrillingly, the race has a new sponsor at the helm this year: Lidl. Details can be found here.Westminster London SW1 09/07/12

Runners who think they may prefer to compete over a more traditional distance on the same day can take part in Energised Sports’ Wimbledon half marathon. Click here for details.

A week later on March 22, Run Through are staging their own Wimbledon half-marathon, this time focusing on the Common. Click here for details.

Cranleigh 15/21 on March 29 is an event which provides runners with a platform for spontaneity: competitors can choose to compete over 15 miles or 21 miles, but do not have to make up their minds until 15 miles into the race. Once again, there is cake to be enjoyed at the finish. Click here for entry details.

April – traditionally – is a month of skin-cleansing and tapering. And this year, runners do not have to venture terribly far from home to do exactly that: the Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon is being held on April 12, and sets off from Barn Elms Sports Centre (under our very noses). This is another event managed by Energised Sports: click here for details.

Throughout this period, Barnes Runners will continue to deliver Tulloh-sanctioned interval training sessions at the Barn Elms Sports Trust’s Mondo Sportflex Super X Classic synthetic-surface track (complete with Canadian goose excreta) every Thursday evening. None of these will be enjoyable.


  • Sunday February 1: Dash for the Splash (10 km)
  • Sunday February 8: Wokingham half marathon
  • Sunday February 15: Bramley 10/20 (10 or 20 miles)
  • Sunday March 8: Thames Riverside 20 (20 miles)
  • Sunday March 15: Kingston Breakfast Run (8.2 miles, 16.2 miles 20 miles)
  • Sunday March 15: Wimbledon half marathon
  • Sunday March 22: Wimbledon Common half marathon
  • Sunday March 29: Cranleigh 15/21 (15 miles or 21 miles)
  • Sunday April 12: Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon

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