Feb 07 2015

Committee changes…

Impeachment_CommitteeAlthough this time of year sees very little in the way of parliamentary business, January does bring with it the election of a new committee – a newly-configured assemblage of operatives charged with delivering Barnes Runners’ various fixtures, and coaxing and cajoling its affiliates out of their pyjamas and into their plimsolls.

For many years now, the strings of the club’s purse have been tightened and loosened as occasion has required by Denise Bates. Denise is now returning to the Octopus Publishing Group and her responsibilities have been passed on to Liam Whelan. Liam comes to us from the Bank of Ireland Group where he has served as Head of Global Everything for a number of years. According to Mark Cunningham, BOI’s Director of Business Banking, “the outlook for 2015 is positive. Consumer confidence levels at the end of 2014 were close to 7-year highs and employment gains are set to continue, supporting a further rise in consumer spending”. This is the encouraging climate in which Liam will be taking up his new post. Questions and comments about the club’s pennies and farthings should now be directed to him.

Andrew Fickling is stepping down in his capacity as Membership Secretary. In his stead, Peter Ward will be overseeing membership issues and supporting neophyte athletes. Peter has worked as a swimming-pool attendant, hod carrier, joiner’s mate, canteen assistant on a North Sea oil-rig, plumber’s merchant store-picker in the US, van-driver, painter and decorator, antiques dealer and sales room assistant at Sotheby’s in Bond Street. His new role may be his most challenging to date.

Helen Witt is stepping down as the club’s Leisure & Entertainment Operative. Bob Empson will be assuming responsibility for some of that portfolio, as well as taking on a wider-ranging “troubleshooting” role across the club as a whole. Bob’s career started with British Petroleum in the UK and Africa. He became a management consultant in 1985 when he joined a specialist strategy and marketing consultancy. He subsequently established the strategy/marketing consulting group of a UK professional services firm before joining another major firm to lead its management consulting practice for 10 years.

Sarah Lewis joins the committee in a support capacity, mentoring new runners, managing the club’s discussion forums and offering her expertise in cortical processing. She will also be maintaining relations with West 4 Harriers, the Ealing Eagles and any other local running fellowships that feel confident enough to take us on within the framework of a mob-match. Sarah works under the auspices of Ken Harris, Professor of Quantitative Neuroscience (jointly appointed in the Institute of Neurology and the Department of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience at UCL).

Jenni Cunniffe is the club’s highly-experienced roving former senior older girls’ wear designer and we are delighted to report that she will be continuing in her current capacity. She oversees the club’s relationship with the Surrey Cross-Country League, is responsible for kit design and procurement, and mentors new runners. She also brings to the club her knowledge of and enthusiasm for yoga: she is currently studying Power Vinyasa Yoga at the House of Yoga.

Pete Woodroffe is continuing as club secretary. Pete is extremely well-connected with the Barnes Community Association and brings to the club his fondness for taking minutes in meetings and his patience with octogenarians.

Further information about newly-defined roles and responsibilities will follow… In the meantime, club members could consider distracting themselves from winter tedium and ennui by competing in a race

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