Apr 15 2015

Interval training – Thursday, 16 April 2015… and the Milburns

BruceIn a week that has seen the five main parties revealing new manifesto promises on an almost half hourly basis, the Barnes Runners committee has been preparing to deliver the last interval training session before the Virgin London Marathon (next Thursday is billed as a yoga / stretching / private reading session and is aimed exclusively at non-VLM contenders).

It requires – quite simply – that athletes complete 12 (twelve) circumnavigations of the track marginally faster than their 5K pace. Each of these circumnavigations is to be followed by a 200 m recovery run (during which Nick Clegg’s provocative assertion that the Liberal Democrats can provide a heart to a Tory-led government and a brain to a Labour-led government can be discussed).

As usual, the “meat” of this Thursday’s session will be preceded and followed by dynamic stretching & kvetching and / or yoga.

We shall also use the session to pay tribute to the Milburn brothers who have just provided us with tangible proof that neither age nor a complete absence of training need necessarily constitute an obstacle to success on the salt-encrusted and ice-cream besplattered asphalt in Brighton. Indeed, one of the two brothers has just become the oldest Barnes Runner ever (my emphasis) to complete a marathon. Representations are in progress to have his TFL Freedom Pass revoked.


Programme “It’s me, Salmond or Farage”:

  1. 4 laps warm-up, dynamic stretching, Allpassian bottom-kicking, Harman lunges
  2. 400 m (1 lap) at your 5K pace
  3. 200 m (0.5 lap) recovery run
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 a total of 12 (twelve / XII) times
  5. 4 laps warm-down

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