Apr 08 2015

Interval training – Thursday 9 April 2015

SturgeonBarnes Runners will be delivering 2 (two) interval training sessions this week, one for those members of the club who are competing in this Sunday’s Brighton Marathon, and one for all other members (including those expecting to compete at the Virgin London Marathon at the End of This Month).

VLM contenders should now be reducing the volume of their training. The average Barnes Runner’s body should be able to retain most of the benefits of endurance training for around 30 days (for example, improved red blood cell numbers, haemoglobin numbers and blood capillary density in the muscles). So although it’s important to keep up some cardiovascular endurance training as you taper, you don’t have to worry your performance on race day will suffer as a result of cutting back – you can reduce your cardiovascular endurance training to a third of your maximum level and still maintain your cardiovascular fitness for roughly 8 weeks.

Programme “Brighton” is relatively straightforward and looks like this:

1) Bath

Programme “Mania” is the third and final of this spring’s Bart Yasso variants and is detailed below. For more information about Mr. Yasso and this particular component of a marathon training programme, click here.

  1. 4 laps of the track including 1 lap of dynamic stretching, allpassian bottom-kicking, Harman lunges, etc.
  2. 2 laps (0.8 km) in 3 minutes if you are expecting to complete your marathon in 3 hours, 3 minutes
  3. 15 seconds if you are expecting to complete your marathon in 3 hours 15 minutes, etc.
  4. 0.5 lap (200 m) recovery run
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have completed a total of 8 (eight) repetitions
  6. 4 laps (1.6 km) warm down

[warning]Please allow plenty of time for getting to the athletics track this week. According to certain organs of the press, “Sturgeon Mania” has gripped the nation and it is not yet known how this will affect traffic in the area around the junction between Rocks Lane and Queen Elizabeth walk.[/warning]


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