Sep 04 2015





So its that time again, cross country season.
This is our second year in the league so I am expect big things from both the mens and the womens teams. Last year was just a little warm up.
So the fixtures are below.
Each match I would like someone to step up to be team captain. I need x10 men and x5 women for each team, we get penalized for less and rewarded for more.
If you could let me know asap if you can make it and more importantly if not why not :)!

Mens matches start at 2pm and ladies 12pm.
The mens division is 3/4 in case of any confusion.

So its 5 weeks tomorrow for the first match.
Maybe look at cleaning up or buying some new trail shoes ready for the new season, its heaps of fun so I hope to get full teams this year!
Anyone without a club vest there is a new order going through at the moment so let me know what sizes you might need. Thanks, Jen .

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