Mar 16 2016

Interval training – Thursday 17 March 2016

oliverTo celebrate the government’s unveiling of the new “sugar tax” and what is being hailed as “a big moment in child health”, Barnes Runners will be offering two programmes this week.

Both programmes are “big signals”, “symbolic” and evidence that “a robust government can get control of Big Business”.

Programme “Symbolic Slap” is the somewhat unpleasant “6 x 1 mile”. Essentially, it requires that club members undertake 6 (six) one-mile (four lap) repetitions with rather miserly 200 m recovery runs during which the Chancellor’s decision to markedly revise down growth for the next five years can be discussed, together with the increase in tax-free personal allowance from £11,000 to £11,500. They should undertake each interval at their 5K pace. Maybe just a whisker faster.

Programme “Cruz could still win Missouri” is an old favourite and is tentatively aimed at those who are competing in Cranleigh, Fleet and other events over the weekend. It requires – quite simply – that club members undertake a grand total of 16 (sixteen) 200 m dashes at their “so fast they’re gonna puke” pace, interspersed with 100 m recovery runs during which they will be encouraged to discuss John Kasich’s chances of securing the Republicans’ nomination.

If club members find either of the two programmes on offer uncharacteristically or surprisingly enjoyable, then it’s quite simple: they are not doing them properly.



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