Mar 11 2016

Sunday night Yin Yoga Class with Jen: Barnes-6pm-7pm.



Hi All

So the room is booked this Sunday 13th March evening at the usual Barn Elms sports trust for 6pm-7pm. London SW13 9SA.

This will be a yin class, great after the long training runs you are all doing atm for London or any other races coming up. Or just a perfect way to unwind on a Sunday night ready for the week ahead.
The poses will be held for around 3-5 minutes at a time so you won’t get as warm as usual. I would suggest wearing warm comfortable clothes that you are able to move easily in.
If you have a small blanket at home then bring this along too, its nice to have if you feel a little chilly throughout, I will bring a few also.
As usual I have 10 mats and 10 blocks but if you have any of these then please bring along too.
A few of you have told me you will be there so those who have I have you on my list.
If not then please let me know, face to face ( theres a novelty ), email, whatsapp, Facebook or email.

All classes are open to partners/friends too and remember their first class will be free so please spread the word.

Have a lovely sunny Friday.


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