Apr 14 2016

Interval training – Thursday, 14 April 2016

_89235022_cameronashdownkinnock_paTo mark the return of charismatic culture secretary John Whittingdale to the media spotlight… and the return of supermarket giant Tesco to profit after three long years in the mass-merchandising wilderness, club members are invited to undertake programme “Workers’ rights bonfire”.

It requires – quite simply – that athletes complete 12 (twelve) circumnavigations of the track marginally faster than their 5K pace. Each of these circumnavigations is to be followed by a 200 m recovery run (during which club members can speculate on what party leaders past and present have been discussing while manning the phones on the first official day of the EU referendum campaign).

Programme “Workers’ rights bonfire”:

  1. 4 laps warm-up, dynamic stretching, Allpassian bottom-kicking, Harman lunges
  2. 400 m (1 lap) at your 5K pace
  3. 200 m (0.5 lap) recovery run
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 a total of 12 (twelve / XII) times
  5. 4 laps warm-down

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