Apr 21 2016

Interval Training – Thursday, 21 April 2016

dry-desert-wastelandSixteen weeks have gone. Just like that. Our geese have grown up, the unforgiving south London winter has transitioned into spring, and Barnes is once again a hot, arid wasteland where nothing grows… and it shall remain thus for a good many months.

The spring marathon season is coming to an end and we once again find ourselves “out of programme” – without a target and lacking focus… running for no good reason other than a desire to wear out footpaths and tarmac… and be masters of our BMI.

There is – therefore – no prescription for this Thursday’s interval training session. But if the mood takes you, and you feel moved to do so… and if you are certain that you will not find yourself vaselined and ready, muscles twitching in a start pen somewhere in a major European city on Sunday morning, then you might like to attempt everybody’s old favourite – a grand total of 16 (sixteen) 200 m dashes at your “so fast you’re gonna puke” pace, interspersed with 100 m recovery runs during which you can discuss pretty much anything you like – provided, of course, that it’s clean.

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