Jul 21 2016

INTERVALS TONIGHT- Mile repeats and yoga in the sunshine.


Who’s coming to the track tonight?

Last night I ran the Soar mile a little slower than i’d have liked but hey practice makes perfect so tonights track session I will be practising my mile repeats. Come and join me.
Then afterwards I will lead a short yoga session,15/20 minutes in the sunshine to help you recover quicker.

The session I am going to do is….

x1 mile warm up with dynamic stretches ( x4 laps)

x1 mile (4 laps) at your 5K pace x 5 times
with 200 m (0.5 lap) recovery runs after each rep.

X2 laps warm down

15/20 mins of post run yoga.

I hope to see some of you there starting @ 7.15pm

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