Mar 30 2017

Interval Training – Thursday, 30 March 2017

If you are baffled by the relevance of sentences such as “taking back our sovereignty” and “controlling our borders” in a sophisticated 21st-century post-post modern globalised world, then this Thursday’s track session is very much for you.
In addition to improving the alkaline reserves of our muscles and conditioning them to work in the presence of increased quantities of lactic acid, the session has been designed to celebrate Jo Pavey’s bronze medal in the 10,000 m of the 2007 World Championships – the only athletics event that anybody seems to be talking about at the moment.
For the first interval training session of what social commentators are already calling “British Summertime 2017”, paid-up club members will be invited to complete a total of 34 1/2 circumnavigations of our Mondo Sportflex Super X Classic synthetic-surface track.
These circumnavigations will be delimited and delineated as follows:
Programme “I do not believe Britain will wield any cards at the negotiation table” is shown below:
  1. 4 laps warm-up, integrating all the customary contortions
  2. 1.6 km (4 laps) at your 5K pace
  3. 200 m (1 lap) recovery run
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 five times (making a total of six reps)
  5. 4 laps recovery run

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