Sep 20 2017

Committee Meeting 19th September

Last night James, Helen, Liam, Dave and myself met to discuss two things.

We are in the process of organising new vests and shirts. Later this week I should be able to post a traditional and a contemporary design for our vest. We have a new supplier who we are able to order from and pay direct so every member can have his or her own size and style. We have, in the past, lost money on vests, be it having the wrong sizes or non payment. It also takes up a massive amount of Liam’s time tracking down payments so this is an improvement.

I will be buying a vest and tee with the intention being to wear the Tee on a Tuesday and save the vest for racing. I hope that others will do the same.

Vests are £20 and tees are £24. Both are of good quality and used by Wimbledon Windmilers and Fulham Running Club. More to follow on this.

It was also agreed that we are to address the age old issue of pace on a Tuesday night. Nobody likes being left behind so we will attempt to have one or two people each week who will double back at various points to pick up the back markers. The idea is that it rotates each week so the same person is not necessarily doubling back every time.

Liam reminded us that the Sunday Run is an altogether more relaxed run that is generallly run as a group and is far less of a race. Good point Liam. Details are on the website and although it might not dovetail with some people’s weekend plans it is a great run and an opportunity to get some extra miles in.

I will be posting later this week I hope about shirts – we need to order a minimum of 25 before they will manufacture so it would be good if we can do this as soon as possible to enable us to get the shirts delivered in time for the Cross Country season. When the email from me does arrive please be as swift as you can with ordering.

Until later.

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