Oct 02 2017

A new look for Barnes Runners?

Thank you very much to Josh who spent his weekend fixing our website after some heavy handed use from club members. I am not sure I am innocent yet, however there may be multiple bodies in the firing line.

I need to remind you all that we need to make a minimum order of 24 vests in order to start production. To those ten Runners plus myself that have already ordered, I salute you. To those who have not, perhaps I might ask for some feedback? I will not be offended if you don’t like the design or if you feel 21 quid is a lot for a vest. I am rather hoping that you’re just plain lazy and “haven’t got round to it yet”. I know Josh, for instance loves the crisp, contemporary design but has been unable to make any time to order due to his commitments fixing our website. No doubt he is ordering as we speak. Please visit https://www.pbteamwear.co.uk/athletics-clubs/barnes-runners.html and make your purchase.

If you don’t share my enthusiasm for the vests, please let me know – I shan’t be offended. I’d just like to be wearing my vest when I blow up in Valencia on the 19th November.

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