Oct 03 2017

Save The Date – Barnes Runners have their own race.

All Barnes Runners please save the date of the 3rd December for us to become part of the third Barnes Turkey Run, a ten mile, two lap event up and down river and hopefully based at the Coach and Horses Pub. It is an opportunity to raise money for a local charity which provides Christmas dinners to elderly Barnes residents but more importantly to raise our profile within Barnes. It will also provide a modicum of club funds.

Ross Nottingham, a local resident, has run this for the last two years with his neighbours and we have been charged with taking it on to the next level. If we can make a success of this then we can enlist the help of the BCA next year and piggyback off their organisational resources. I hope that it can become one of their main fundraising events of the year, along with the likes of the Barnes Fair, Food Fair, Film Festival etc.

I hope to have at least 50 runners this year. Please make a special effort to attend as we are hoping to have a drink and a bite to eat afterwards and make it a bit of a social event and Christmas kick off as well.

Paul Dawn Dob Cheetham has sportingly agreed to run as a turkey but only if we can find a “fast turkey”. Well done Paul.

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