Jan 29 2018

How far can you push the average human body (and mind)?

I am more than moderately grateful to the ten or so club members who have signed up for this Sunday’s Craft Half – Street Child’s first UK-based race.

However, a frivolous cavort around Wimbledon Common is as nothing when compared with the favour that I now need to ask of club members.

The demands made of the human body and mind by race marshalling are – as everybody knows – significantly greater than those made of it by simply competing in a race.

Human physiology is such that our capacity to maintain abnormal levels of enthusiasm and good cheer are limited. Without special training and mental conditioning, the average person can remain upbeat and jovial for 30 minutes… possibly an hour. But smiling, looking cheerful and providing encouragement for the entire duration of an undulating off-road event are challenges that very few are brave enough to take up. And it is precisely this challenge that I am asking you to take up.

If anybody is available between 9 AM and 2:30 PM on Sunday, and can get to the War Memorial on Wimbledon Common… then I really shall be extremely grateful indeed. Putative Barnes Runners marshals will require warm clothes, study shoes and a not inconsiderable measure of goodwill. They will be rewarded with a cheque for €0.00… and knowledge that they have contributed to the work of one of DfID’s favourite NGOs.

Please contact me (Ord-Hume) or Hermione at Street Child.

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