Jan 08 2018

London Marathon Place

Every year the Club is awarded a place in the London Marathon and every year there is discussion about how best to utilise it. This year the Committee has decided to ask any interested members to email me, the Chairman at chris@apparentproperties.com with a few lines on why they would like the place and why they feel they should be awarded it.

Factors committee will consider include:
o How has the member supported the club?
o How have they participated in club training?
o Overall training
o Other events they have done to lead up to this. Have they tried via the ballot and been unsuccessful?
o Any other factors ?

This list isn’t exhaustive and our decision wont be limited to these. The intention is that the place is used in the best possible manner and is awarded to the most worthy runner.

There is a degree of urgency to this as we need to inform VLM of the name of the runner. Please make sure you email me before the weekend.

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