Barnes Runners Club Championship

The decision has been made to introduce a club championship for 2011. The winner will be the Barnes Runner with the highest average age-related performance percentage for FOUR out of a possible total of SEVEN events.

Your performance in four of the following may be submitted for consideration:

13 February 2011: Wokingham half-marathon. Click here for details.

27 March 2011: Kingston Breakfast run (8 miles). Click here for details (or autumn equipment – dates and details to be confirmed)..

19 June 2011: Ranelagh Harriers – Richmond 10 km. Click here for details.

29 July 2011: Wedding Day Race 7 km. Click here for details.

16 October 2011: Cabbage Patch 10 – 10 miles. Click here for details.

Richmond parkrun – 5 km. Your best 2011 time. Click here to register if you have not already done so.

An official marathon of your choice (such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brighton, London, Paris, etc.)

Club records

MEN Race Name Location Date Time 100km Josh Ord-Hume & Meg Heaslop Ridgeway – Race to the Stones July 2015 13:54:11 Marathon Paul Cheetham London April 2016 2:34:05 20 miles Paul Cheetham Bramley February 2015 1:58:15 Half Marathon Paul Cheetham Great Eastern Run October 2016 1:13:35 10 miles Paul Cheetham Battersea Park, London March 2014 …

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  1. Andrew Fickling

    Do I have to submit 4…. only have 3 out of 7
    All at age 54
    Best 2011 parkrun – 20.51
    Wokingham Half – 1hr 40mins 56secs
    Amsterdam Marathon – 3hrs 31mins 23secs

    However, I did do the Bupa London 10k – 45mins 46secs

    Can this be used instead of reading….!! I expect not… worth asking though.

    All the best


  2. David Cornock

    Andrew’s post persuaded me to get my calculator out…..
    Wokingham Half Marathon 1:31:10 (70.01%)
    Wedding Day 7k 28:45 (70.34%)
    Amsterdam Marathon 3:09:16 (aged 47)
    Richmond Parkrun 19:50 (73.19%)

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