Oct 20 2017

Sign up for the Inaugural Barnes Runners Turkey Run.

For some time Club members have discussed organising our own race and this year a local resident gave us the perfect opportunity to take over a low key run that he and his neighbours had started as a pre Christmas get together. We have a date, a venue, a distance and a start time. We even have some hi vis jackets for marshalls. Briefly, the race is intended to be ten miles over two laps with an optional fancy dress theme run along the tow path from Small Profits Dock, leaving at 10am on Sunday the 3rd December. Further details to follow.

We have the Barnes Community Association onboard and the intention is that with a bit of help this year from us we can make this an annual event with the good people of the BCA doing most of the donkey work in return for funds raised which will go towards a Christmas lunch for our elderly Barnes residents which I think is fitting. We will also receive a payment towards club funds from them.

This is an excellent way to get our name out there. We often talk about how we can appeal to a broader spectrum and I think a locally organised race will attract local runners who may see that we are actually quite welcoming and accommodating.

Josh at the Coach & Horses has allowed us to use the pub as a race venue and will be providing turkey baps and with luck and some liquid refreshments. It would be nice to make it a bit of a social event afterwards. Any suggestions welcome.

I would really like us all to make an effort to get this off the ground this first year and this relies on numbers. We’d like to get around 60 runners so please speak with friends and neighbours and try to cajole as many as possible. There will be some teething trouble with the race no doubt and I have a feeling that 60 friends and family will be more understanding than 60 regular runners with no connection. Please do all you can to be there.

In order to reserve your place, please go to https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/barnesca/turkeyrun and make a donation.

Thanks in advance

Chris Peskett




Oct 19 2017

Track Night Probably Cancelled

I suspect if I turned up tonight at the Barn Elms track I would be lonely. It looks like the usual suspects will not be there through injury, training or wetness. Unless I hear from anyone I will not be there and will head out for “a long run” instead.

Oct 18 2017

Thursday Night Is Track Night

We are starting to see numbers dwindle on the track on a Thursday. This is a shame as we have a great resource that most clubs do not. We also pay an annual fee for its use. If fewer and fewer people use it then at some point, we may not be able to justify the cost. Track sessions are great for anyone wanting to improve their running – not just those training for a race. Please can we try and make a concerted effort to be there tomorrow, at Barn Elms Playing Fields at 7 for a prompt 7:15 start?

Oct 16 2017

Mens XC Match 1 – Wimbledon Results

Contrary to expectations, this was not the flat(ish) Wimbledon course of last year, but a woody, hilly circuit that sent a slightly depleted Barnes Mens Team on their way into the 2017/18 with a bang.

Cruelly stripped of a number of XC stalwarts by (mainly) a mixture of injuries and illness,  a gallant band of 8 Barnes men strode forth into the fray and put in a decent performance against a number of strong teams.   Full results here

Led home by the re-invigorated Kiwi James McPoland, who came in a creditable 13th without seemingly batting an eyelid, the rest of the team were considerably more challenged by the course, but put in a decent performance. Special mentions to Tan Ikram, a XC first timer, and Tom Moloney for overcoming a stomach bug to represent.  Well done all.   A decent recovery session took place afterwards n the Coach n Horses.

Next match is Saturday 11th November on Epsom Downs, and would be great to get a full strength or near full strength team out – we should be aiming for 15 or so each match to be competitive with the top teams, and we could certainly win a fixture at full strength.  (Perhaps resplendent in our new strip…. see recent posts for details and to order)


Oct 06 2017

Last Call For Vests

Good news. My man at PB team wear has agreed to go to production on Monday which means we should have the shirts back four weeks later. He has asked me to have one last push for orders so if you haven’t yet ordered, please go to https://www.pbteamwear.co.uk/athletics-clubs.html?cat=281 and place an order.

After this we will be able to order single shirts and vests as and when people want them but it would be good to see a full team of runners wearing their vests for the second cross country match. I hope to be wearing my vest in Valencia.

You will see on the club shop link that there are also some new kids vests and shirts so if you’d like to buy one for your children please do.

Have a great weekend and good luck to anyone running. Is anyone doing the Putney & Fulham half from Barn Elms on Sunday?

Oct 05 2017

Mens Cross Country Match 1 – Wimbledon Common 14:00, 14th October

The new Mens 2017/18 Cross Country season kicks off with a local fixture on a pretty flat course.   The details are now up on the Surrey League Website. and listed below.

All matches are free to club members and it really is the more the merrier, as clubs get heavily penalised for having less than 10 scoring runners.  The runs are good fun with a few hundred competitors and no more than 5 miles/7.5 kms  so shouldn’t be too taxing on any races or training runs the next day.  Please try and do a couple this season if not more.   We were 4th last year in the league and be great to go better this year.

New members and cross country novices are very welcome.

Please let david lovell davidplovell@gmail.com know if you are interested or want to find out more.


The Details: 

Hosted by Wimbledon Windmilers & Fulham Running Club (Div 2) / Vets AC & Holland Sports (Div 3 & 4)

Date: Saturday 14 October 2017

Venue: Wimbledon Common

Travelling to venue: The race start & finish area is at Caesar’s Well on Wimbledon Common, close to the end of Sunset Road (SW19 4UL). This is the same venue as for the Oct 2015 division 1 and 2 fixtures.

Please share cars or use public transport where possible. Those travelling by car are encouraged use the free car park at the Windmill (SW19 5NR), about 10 minutes’ walk from the start.

Limited metered parking is also available in the streets on the Wimbledon Village side of Common.

The No. 93 bus runs between Wimbledon & Putney, both of which are served by National Rail. The closest bus stop to the start/finish area is Wimbledon Village War Memorial, which is a 10-15 minute walk away.

Race Times:

Division 3 & 4 (7.5 km, 2 laps) – 2 pm

Division 2 (7.5 km, 2 laps) – 3 pm


The course:

See map on website https://surreyleague.org/slm/match/83/


There are no changing facilities available at the venue, so please come ready to run. Toilets and refreshments are available at the Windmill Tea Rooms (adjacent to the car park mentioned above).

Health and safety:

Runners should exercise care, looking out for tree roots and other trip hazards, muddy areas and any other obstacles.  There is one small concrete bridge with no side rails over a small stream.  The courses will be fully marshalled by club members in yellow hi-visibility bibs.

Members of the public, many of whom walk their dogs or have young children, use the Common extensively.  The Common is a public area – all users have a right to be there and should be respected.

“Alison Jones Medical Service” will be providing first aid cover throughout the time of the races, based at the start/finish area.  The nearest A&E hospital is St George’s Hospital (Tooting), Blackshaw Road, London, SW17 0QT (020 8672 1255)


The results for Division 2 will be produced by Wimbledon Windmilers

The results for Divisions 3 & 4 will be produced by Vets AC



Oct 03 2017

Save The Date – Barnes Runners have their own race.

All Barnes Runners please save the date of the 3rd December for us to become part of the third Barnes Turkey Run, a ten mile, two lap event up and down river and hopefully based at the Coach and Horses Pub. It is an opportunity to raise money for a local charity which provides Christmas dinners to elderly Barnes residents but more importantly to raise our profile within Barnes. It will also provide a modicum of club funds.

Ross Nottingham, a local resident, has run this for the last two years with his neighbours and we have been charged with taking it on to the next level. If we can make a success of this then we can enlist the help of the BCA next year and piggyback off their organisational resources. I hope that it can become one of their main fundraising events of the year, along with the likes of the Barnes Fair, Food Fair, Film Festival etc.

I hope to have at least 50 runners this year. Please make a special effort to attend as we are hoping to have a drink and a bite to eat afterwards and make it a bit of a social event and Christmas kick off as well.

Paul Dawn Dob Cheetham has sportingly agreed to run as a turkey but only if we can find a “fast turkey”. Well done Paul.

Oct 02 2017

A new look for Barnes Runners?

Thank you very much to Josh who spent his weekend fixing our website after some heavy handed use from club members. I am not sure I am innocent yet, however there may be multiple bodies in the firing line.

I need to remind you all that we need to make a minimum order of 24 vests in order to start production. To those ten Runners plus myself that have already ordered, I salute you. To those who have not, perhaps I might ask for some feedback? I will not be offended if you don’t like the design or if you feel 21 quid is a lot for a vest. I am rather hoping that you’re just plain lazy and “haven’t got round to it yet”. I know Josh, for instance loves the crisp, contemporary design but has been unable to make any time to order due to his commitments fixing our website. No doubt he is ordering as we speak. Please visit https://www.pbteamwear.co.uk/athletics-clubs/barnes-runners.html and make your purchase.

If you don’t share my enthusiasm for the vests, please let me know – I shan’t be offended. I’d just like to be wearing my vest when I blow up in Valencia on the 19th November.

Sep 20 2017

Committee Meeting 19th September

Last night James, Helen, Liam, Dave and myself met to discuss two things.

We are in the process of organising new vests and shirts. Later this week I should be able to post a traditional and a contemporary design for our vest. We have a new supplier who we are able to order from and pay direct so every member can have his or her own size and style. We have, in the past, lost money on vests, be it having the wrong sizes or non payment. It also takes up a massive amount of Liam’s time tracking down payments so this is an improvement.

I will be buying a vest and tee with the intention being to wear the Tee on a Tuesday and save the vest for racing. I hope that others will do the same.

Vests are £20 and tees are £24. Both are of good quality and used by Wimbledon Windmilers and Fulham Running Club. More to follow on this.

It was also agreed that we are to address the age old issue of pace on a Tuesday night. Nobody likes being left behind so we will attempt to have one or two people each week who will double back at various points to pick up the back markers. The idea is that it rotates each week so the same person is not necessarily doubling back every time.

Liam reminded us that the Sunday Run is an altogether more relaxed run that is generallly run as a group and is far less of a race. Good point Liam. Details are on the website and although it might not dovetail with some people’s weekend plans it is a great run and an opportunity to get some extra miles in.

I will be posting later this week I hope about shirts – we need to order a minimum of 25 before they will manufacture so it would be good if we can do this as soon as possible to enable us to get the shirts delivered in time for the Cross Country season. When the email from me does arrive please be as swift as you can with ordering.

Until later.

Sep 18 2017

Surrey Leagues – Summer Road Race Round up & Cross Country Season

Barnes Runners have for the last few seasons competed across the Surrey Leagues in both the summer road race league, incorporating the county championships, and the autumn/ winter cross country leagues.

Despite a relatively small pool of runners at Barnes, we have put in some decent individual and team performances on both the flat(ish) tarmac and the muddy hills.

Most of the  summer road races have had a report posted already, and all  the season’s  results and final league tables are always worth a look on the Surrey website.   Whilst we were definitely short of a full complement on an occasion or two, we ended up in a respectable mid table position (mens), and special mentions to James McPoland for all of the 7 races this season, and to Paul Cheetham for a silver medal in the v40 10 mile championships.   Another enjoyable season of well run races and a few decent PBs in the mix as well.

As the sunshine fades to a distant memory and the nights draw in, our attentions turn to the cross country season, which kicks off on the 14th October. The format is 4 x matches over the Autumn.  We are currently in league 4 and Match 1 will be in very nearby Wimbledon for the Mens team , and down in Reigate for the Ladies team.   Match 2 will be on the 11th November.   The Men will be looking to improve on a respectable 4th place last year, and the Ladies had a good mid table spot in a strong Division 2.

These matches are good team events, with 10 minimum required for the men, and 3 minimum for the Ladies.  There is a good spirit, and all club members are invited to take part  – it really is the more the merrier!   All you need is a club vest, and some spikes or decent trail shoes (depending on course and weather conditions).   There is usually a few cars going for a lift, and often a celebratory/recovery drink or two afterwards.

The dedicated Surrey Cross country website is updated with all details, results  and there will be further emails and posts on each match nearer the time.  For the moment, book in the 14th October and 11th November in your diaries!


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