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Nov 27 2014

Barnes Runners is a cross country club

In late July 2014, sports documentary film maker Benjamin Hirsch met Treasurer Denise Bates in Richmond Park. The encounter was filmed.

May 20 2014

Parkland relay: Teams and useful info

Hi, Thanks everyone for filling out the poll. We have entered 3 male teams (4 person each) and 1 female (3 person each). See below for which team you are on, and your running order. It would be good if everyone could aim to be there as early as possible. The start gun is at …

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May 14 2014

Parkland Relay, Weds 21 May 2014: Enter NOW

Hi BRs. The Parkland Relay has snuck up on us and is next Wednesday 21 May at 7pm. It is a relay race in which each person runs the same stunningly beautiful 3 mile off-road course (including views of Penn Pond) through central Richmond park. It starts and finishes at the edge of Spankers Hill …

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Jul 28 2012

Bryony Britten

Tuesday 31 July – A run of Olympic Proportions

Some of you might have noticed that Richmond Park Shire Horses have been hard at work creating a certain sporting logo. Therefore, on Tuesday we are going to run into Richmond Park via Sheen Gate and then head towards the said logo before circumnavigating each ring in celebration of the large sporting event occurring in …

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Jun 01 2012

Parkland relay race 2012 – results

There was nothing overly disagreeable about this year’s Parkland relay race on 30 May. Ever mindful of the dangers inherent in delivering excessively ostentatious demonstrations of athletic prowess, we excelled in striking just the right balance between mediocrity and excellence, proving that this was no Eurovision for Barnes Runners. Draft results are below. With thanks …

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Mar 30 2012

Bryony Britten

Sunday 1 April – It’s no joking matter

There have now been two unconfirmed sightings of the ‘Lesser spotted Perrie’. Its given latin name is ‘Antipodean decānus’ (Ord-Hume: December 2011).  It is largely a river dwelling although is frequently seen inland in the vicinity of Richmond Park. It depends on a healthy distribution of hostelries. The ‘Lesser spotted Perrie’ is the ultimate long distance …

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Mar 17 2012

Bryony Britten

Sunday 10am Richmond Park Run

This Sunday’s Richmond Park Run will be led by Suzanne (Thanks Suzanne!). Please muster at Roehampton Gate no later than 9.55am for a 10am kick off. Hopefully you will only see Red deer and Fallow deer, not any big bull-moose like this one. Bryony