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Jun 11 2017

Sierra Leone Marathon – May 2017

Even at 4 AM at the start of the rainy season, the air that hangs in the sky above Makeni feels as though it has come from a blast furnace and then been wrapped up in damp sheep’s wool. The impassioned, fretful speech delivered by the twelve-year-old chief medical operative in the sweaty dark fifteen …

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Jan 23 2017

Barnes Runners & Street Child

Welcome to the golden age of middle-distance athletics. Whereas in days gone past, it was only the occasional Sunday that would be taken up with running a marathon, athletes nowadays can get their fix on pretty much any Sunday (or indeed Saturday) of the year. There are many positives: the middle-aged men and women of …

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May 18 2016

Mediocre athletes in West Africa

I hope you will forgive me for ab(using) your website for my own nefarious motives. Except that they are not so nefarious… On Wednesday evening of next week, while you are checking your limbs for ticks and readying yourselves to compete in the Parkland relays races, nine of the club’s most mediocre athletes will be …

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