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Mar 24 2012

Sunday March 25

We have William Willett (10 August 1856 – 4 March 1915) to thank for the hour of sleep we shall lose between Saturday 24 March and Sunday 25 March. Barnes Runners will be offering two programmes to mark the start of British Summertime: Programme Alpha: 8:55 AM, Rose House. 36 km. Please bring hydration, energy …

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Mar 17 2012

Bryony Britten

Sunday 10am Richmond Park Run

This Sunday’s Richmond Park Run will be led by Suzanne (Thanks Suzanne!). Please muster at Roehampton Gate no later than 9.55am for a 10am kick off. Hopefully you will only see Red deer and Fallow deer, not any big bull-moose like this one. Bryony

Jan 27 2012

Sunday 29 January

Marathon contenders are invited to be at Rose House at 08h55 on Sunday morning. The route is marginally longer than last week’s (see map below). Please factor your hydration / energy needs into your preparation, as well as the predictions of the London Weather Centre. Click here to read Delia Smith’s recipe for chocolate, prune …

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Jan 13 2012

Sunday 15 January

Had Martin Luther King Jr followed advice and avoided Memphis in April 1968, he would have been 73 this Sunday. Marathon trainers will be able to reflect on his legacy during their first lap of Richmond Park, starting from Roehampton gate at 8:55 AM. During their second lap, they may like to remember the excellent …

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