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Jan 04 2017

Interval training – Thursday 5 January 2017

It is against the backdrop of Sir Ivan Rogers’ resignation, Dippy the diplodocus preparing for his national tour and – of course – celebrations of what would have been Elvis Aaron Presley’s 82nd birthday that the club resumes interval training for this year’s spring marathon programme. Once again, our Thursday evening sessions will be based …

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Jan 29 2014

Interval training – Thursday 30 January

In recent days, the media spotlight has been focused on Obama’s State of the Union address, Carnie’s comments in relation to the need for Scotland to cede some of its national sovereignty in return for being part of a currency union with even-tempered people, the prospect of water skiing holidays in Somerset and, of course, …

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Jul 26 2012

Bryony Britten

July Handicap Race

The July handicap race will be held on Saturday morning at 9 am (please arrive no later than 8.45am – if you are running for the first time, please arrive at 8.35am). Owing to the fact that the track is not easily accessible, and incorporating it into our handicap would turn the a running race …

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Apr 25 2012

Track session with a difference – Thursday 26 April 2012

Now that the spring marathon season is over, and in view of the increasing popularity among club members of the parkrun, it might be interesting to measure and develop your ability over a distance of 5 km – but without the undulation, deer excreta, pushchairs and uncertainties generated by the open road or Tamsin trail. …

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Feb 29 2012

March 1 March – Interval Training

This Thursday brings with it an opportunity to execute one of the most gruelling track sessions of the spring marathon season. Should you choose to be part of it, you will be tested on your ability to sustain your 5K pace over three reps of 2 miles (3.22 km), interspersed with 400 m recovery runs. …

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Feb 15 2012

Thursday 16 February – Interval training

This Thursday’s track session will involve one programme for both marathon contenders and non-marathon contenders. 1.61 km warm-up (jog from Rose House to the track and then 400 m of dynamic stretching) 5 km (12.5 laps) and 10% faster than your marathon time…. or, 3% faster than your parkrun pace (the rationale being that it …

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Jan 25 2012

Thursday 26 January – Interval training

Two programmes are on offer for this Thursday’s session: Programme alpha Programme alpha is specifically aimed at marathon contenders and will require a measure of tenacity: 10 km at your race pace. So if you are aiming to complete your event in 3h, you should run 25 laps of the track at 14km/h (8.7mph or …

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Jan 23 2012

Barnes Runners Handicap 2012

The Barnes Runners Handicap Series has been an important component of our fixture calendar for a number of years now. Originally developed by Sam Allpass, it has been managed and delivered with unswerving commitment by Rob Katschmaryk over the past three years. Since its inception, many weekends have begun with fierce battles through Barnes Common …

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Jan 22 2012

Bryony Britten

The Year of the Dragon – the week ahead

On Monday the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins. The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend and today it signifies success and happiness. So in order for you to have a happy and successful running week we have planned the following. Tuesday 6miles – Tuesday’s route is an old favourite – beginning at Rose House …

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Jan 18 2012

Thursday 19 January – Interval training

Below are details of this Thursday’s interval session: a.    1.61 km (4 laps) warm-up integrating dynamic stretching (lunges, bottom-kicking, etc.) b.    0.8 km (2 laps) just above your 5km pace c.    0.2 km (0.5 lap) recovery jog. Do not walk. d.    Repeat steps (b) and (c) 7  (SEVEN) times e.    1.61 km (4 laps) warm …

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