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Marathon training

Are you expecting to compete in a spring marathon?


Over the next few weeks, we shall be gently increasing the length of our Sunday runs. Most of these runs should be executed at what the Runners World website refers to as a “slow” pace. Needless to say, what passes as slow for one runner may feel rather more challenging for another – more experienced – runner. But generally, it should be possible for us to assemble two groups of comparable-ability runners who will be able to run together.

Below is an ad hoc schedule based on the Runners World training plan. Note that the Sunday run is common to all programmes, irrespective of target marathon time (3h, 3h15, 3h30, 3h45, 4h, etc.). Only the pace differs and even then, only by relatively little.

pete brightonYou will see that I have included a number of organised events in the schedule. Neophytes in particular should try to include a couple of half marathons and one longer race in their marathon build-up. Indeed, some of these events have been designed specifically with the April marathon season in mind and are very useful for helping runners gain experience in relation to hydration, pacing, energy, etc. Ideally, these races should be run at just under your target marathon pace (the aim being to get you used to spending time on your feet, not necessarily running at pace – Thursday night interval sessions are for that purpose).

You do not have to adhere religiously to the schedule. Indeed, London and Brighton are a week apart, so what is appropriate for a Brighton competitor might not necessarily be useful for someone running in London the following week. Integrate a little intuition and instinct into a formalistic approach to your training and all should be well.

January 5 Slow 12M
January 12 Slow 13M
January 19 Slow 15M
January 26 Slow 15M

February 2 Slow 18M
February 9 Slow 20 M (or the Wokingham half-marathon)

February 16 Slow 20M (or the Dash for the Splash or the Bramley 20)
February 23 Slow 20M (or the gently undulating Heart-break 14M)

March 2 Slow 20M (or the Riverside 20)
March 9 Slow 20M (or the Surrey Half marathon, or the Finchley 20)
March 16 Slow 20M (or the Cranleigh 21)
March 23 Slow 22M

April 30 Slow 18M (or the Kingston Breakfast run)
April 6 Steady 12M
April 6 Brighton / Paris marathon
April 13 London marathon

Personalise your running vest

Many runners say that the support of the mob is one of the main contributing factors to their successfully completing the race. One of the best ways to get the populus to cheer you on is to let them know who you are and / or why your running.
Alternatively, consider adding the slogan of your favourite political party or trade union. Or maybe even a particularly evocative Latin motto.
Click here for details.

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  1. Bertie

    What a splendid display of events.
    I shall don my thick woolly socks and climbing boots and pound around the streets as far as my legs will take me!

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